My Naija, your Naija, Our Naija I have seen many instances when Nigerians openly refuse to be associated with the name, they openly deny their citizenship, they look forward to the slightest opportunity to leave the shores of their dear mother land, most of them sell their birthright to leave the country as most of them have lost confidence in the country, they confidently tell you that Nigeria would never find HER STAND , its painful to hear this and its brain smashing to learn that we are not proud of our colour, only recently Oprah winpfrey openly dissed Nigerians because of the less than 1% that dent the image of the country by their indecent acts and behaviors and also by the consistent fraud by the people we elect to pilot the affairs of our state, we are greeted every morning by the story of either one governor or a senator that stole money or they operates a foreign account and he somehow lost love with his host country, or stories of girlfriends or wives to these big shots stole money and was caught in the act, right before the election of 2007, the wife of the running of the president was caught in a financial scandal and all of a sudden we did not see or hear the end of the story, why because he is favoured by those who presume to hold the powers that be when it comes to our NAIJA, we have to wake up to our responsibility, this is our country, its time to take a stand, and its now, we dont want to let other know that we cannot control ourselves and that a few of the populous would take laws into their hands and do as it pleases them.

Taking a good look at those in power now, you would find out that over 99% of them have in one way or the other tasted power and in essence they are being re-cycled..stop take 5 seconds to think and look at those at the helm of affairs and you would see that somehow they were involved in decision making and then when they were there they did not do anything to deserve a second term so what they are doing is just imposing themselves on us.. for how long would we continue to bear this?……………….. for how long would we continue to bear this tyranny?……I was listening to a motivational speaker yesterday Niyi Adesanya and he said that by the year 2015 anybody seeking to be president would first have to sit in a debate with him(Niyi adesanya) and his friends and that would be the criteria to which they would be chosen to run for the race of PRESIDENCY of our great nation NIGERIA, well coincidentally that is exactly the view I have, as the person who wants to become the next president by 2015 would actually be a FULL MEMBER of the NEW NIGERIA CLUB and must stand by its values. He/She must have met the requirements of a NEW NIGERIAN, our values are:

P—Problem solvers



R—Role model

I— Integrity





These are all it takes to become the next president of this great country NIGERIA,

It is pertinent to note that we have taken our stand now and we intend to build a better Nigeria, if you have the privilege of reading this post.. Choose your stand now, and act wisely all the bad things we see today would never be in existence in the nearest future JOIN THE NEW NIGERIA TEAM,

MOVE NOWlight up another candle, and let us create a beautiful tomorrow. According to a story I heard a man saw a sign post which reads EAT BECAUSE YOUR GRAND FATHER HAS PAID He walked in and ate as much as he could and found it very difficult to stand up..then he summoned the guts to stand up and leave then the waiter stopped him and asked him to pay for the food.. he spoke out angrily and said..Why should I pay when my Grandfather has paid.The waiter told him that he does not have to pay for the food that he ate but he has to pay for the food his grand children would eat,..So let us pay for our grand children..It’s time we payits NOW.

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  1. Macushla Obiakor

    Hello again Joseph .

    Just a very brief message to say I have looked at your web blog & I am very impressed !
    You are an insightful & wise young man.
    It has been a great pleasure for me to be introduced to your web blog and hear such wisdom from your generation ! It is with more people like youself , this next generation & beyond that will play a large part in the restoration of your country !

    Aspiration is perseverance + perspiration ! When I lived in Nigeria , one of the greatest qualities that impressed itself upon me so strongly every day was the spirit of the people , that spirit of endurance combined with the spoken language of faith , being positive !!

    Always looking forwards , never looking backwards !

    I have always viewed my time in Nigeria as one of the greatest gifts as it gave me a greater insight into the greatest gift we have as a human race , the God given gift of creating our destiny being , what I call co-creators ! as the Creation story I learnt as a child explained to me sooooo much later in life through my own personal revelation , is that the power of our imagination combined with the power of the spoken word , our word , our postive words have the power to bring forth life !

    Faith being hope in those things that are not yet seen as physical evidence .

    Yes indeed , you are right about how a small percentage of Nigerians involved in scamming or corruption in high places etc….has had the effect of tarnishing Nigeria’ s image . Yet there is an old saying ” do not tarnish every person with the same brush ! ” 🙂
    Also power can corrupt , so there must always be in place greater accountability as you may have mentioned briefly in your proposition regarding the ‘ nigeria club ‘ , leaders must lead by example and be accountable through being willing to be challenged & supervised every step of the way !

    It stands to reason , if each person would use their common sense , that all around the world injustices of crime are occurring . But the worst people at slinging mud are often those people who just are ignorant , they have never stepped outside of the comfort of their small world to gain a larger view ! or are simply dulled ! This is an area of concern in the western world & many people in America are also open about how people are not awake ! they live on a diet of light porn , television , junk food & roaming the internet wasting their time with rubbish , this is dulling their minds and placing them in an apathetic state . They do not spend enough time questioning what they are being fed .
    Ignorance breeds fear .
    You said in your blog that Fear is False evidence appearing real ! VERY TRUE !
    A friend once told me that Fear is False emotion appearing real ! Perhaps the emphasis upon emotion comes from the women’s experience ! It is the same thing really , as when our mind due to ignorance over rides that which is based on actual truth , so also will the emotions follow and from this our actions.
    People need to be fully persuaded towards seeking the highest truth in all matters concerning human welfare & the very first step of this journey is undertaken within oneself first .It is my belief that ambivalence is our worst enemy ! Ambivalence leads to an apathy and a lack of belief that WE ARE PART OF THE CHANGE ! We must all be an active part of the change that we wish to see in this world.

    When I hear people speaking badly of Nigerians here in my own country & I do hear this sometimes ,because it comes about as a result of the fact that I chose to marry with a Nigerian . I ask them firstly ” Oh have you been to Nigeria ? ” and when they answer ” No ” which of course is the answer every time ! lol…..I laugh .
    But please do not misunderstand me either because there are many New Zealanders who are very open also , racism & prejudice is the result of ignorance , lack of knowledge.
    Sadly too many people listen to what the media spins out , which can never never hold the whole truth as it is a vehicle used to direct and maintain the status quo .As little as 10% could be the truth covered by as much as 80% of untruth , does this sound familiar ?
    Often I just encourage people here to look at what is happening in our own country first before being so quick to point the finger in judgement towards others as here we have people behaving badly towards others all the time but just in more comfort and also the media camouflages what is really happening here also.

    Yes ….many Nigerians are wanting to migrate elsewhere . I do not think this is a bad thing , as I have said to my husband so long as what is gained from these other countries is then taken back to Nigeria to give back & strengthen their Naija homeland . There is a responsiblity towards this !Everything in life must be a balance of give & take . This is also an attitude of gratitude !

    This has been happening throughout history , even my own parents families migrated here to NZ from Ireland because of what British colonisation had done over there , it was quite terrible ! they had lost everything over a few generations & had lived in near poverty ! through the great famine !
    Well poverty can be said to be a state of mind also as opposed to a prosperity mind , but there are simply some situations that are against you from the start & people sometimes have to leave their homeland . I see this here in NZ , people coming here from all around the world , some are refugees also & they are treated well by the government here but…what sets many of these new migrants apart is their GRATITUDE ! they immediately set about sighting the many opportunities and they move forward at a fast pace to take advantage of these . Many of these people will leave the average NZer behind in the dust ! Mmmm…. I wonder why ! 🙂

    It is my belief that New Zealand is home for everyone ! In God’s eyes we are all equal even if life does not always treat us all as equals ( power is power perceived ! ) & we are all migrants here in NZ , does not matter how many generations your family has been living here , the fact is that all of us here have a history where our families migrated here to improve the quality of their life & to raise their children to achieve their higher potential !
    Cultural differences should never be used as an excuse to create further division as we are all one in God’s eyes and what we all hold in common , is that we all desire happiness , we all know pain & loss and we all desire to raise our children to their highest potential !
    And here at present in NZ , thousands of people are leaving here each week to Australia , it is what we call the ” great brain drain ” and eventually it places pressure on government leadership to question why this is happening & take action towards what they can do to attract their people back to their homeland & with this they also are forced to increase their labour force by opening & relaxing rules of immigration to allow others to enter more freely . A strong economy needs a labour force who are willing to work hard and make a responsible contribution towards its growth.

    I am an advocate for international education , whether it be through intercultural marriages, migration , cultural exchange , or the traveller who wishes to engage directly with a different world of thought for personal growth & enlightenment etc… great civilisations have been built throughout the ages through this exchange between people of ideas & resources.
    But …yes one must never lose their national & cultural identity in this process , who they are in their heart !! Where they came from.

    This happened in the homeland of my parents , Ireland , but it took a long time , they had firstly to have the right leadership who were proactive towards putting in place intelligent reforms that would truly benefit the greater good of all and offering incentives to attract them back and now Southern Ireland is known as the ” Lion of the United Kingdom ! ” & it is a very small country Joseph , tiny in fact ! you can travel from one end to the next in about 18 hours ! by car lol….
    In fact . I will just add here , that in the case of Ireland , it was the next generation that came back , it was the children of those parents who had left seeking a better life for themselves, who were amongst the highest in number to return !

    Nigeria is a great country & very rich in natural resources, the greatest resource being the people & the family unit ! With your new leadership over the next 4-8 years you will see great changes I am sure !! and ….the great Nigerian diaspora spread across Western Europe will start trickling back in , slowly but surely it will happen and time will not wait either for these brothers & sisters to return because the world is changing as can be seen also by Obama , a man just one generation removed from Africa ! may soon be the next leader of this ” super power ‘ , how interesting ! Well…. it takes such a very very long time for the mind of arrogance born of ignorance to change and gain currency ..but…it is happening !

    I know that Naija is for all Nigerians but I would just like to add here & maybe I am biased but I feel in my heart that the Igbo people are the most gracious , most hospitable and strongest people I have ever met ! Who always look for a way through , never giving up at the first obstacle & encourage others through those wonderful stories , ahh….how I miss the stories , even the tall stories ! lol….
    The history of the Igbo people is very proud , going all the way back to the Queen of Sheba !! this creative strength and adaptibility is retained forever in the cellular memory of your being !

    So yes stand up now !!!! all of you & be proud of who you are & of your great history as a race of people & show the world who you are & what you are & will be !!!
    Teach the world > lead by example.
    Always look forwards
    Never look backwards !

    Macushla Obiakor.

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