Growing up in Delta state was an exciting experience, I enjoyed every bit of those days, those early school days,when we would rush to seat in front of the car, when we first had our television set, and when my parents bought our first VCR, I also remember when my parent always bought our Christmas costumes which is usually first week of November, then it was a period of real excitement, we would not let our friends come into our apartment when our parents arrive from the market.

Then I remember the Christmas celebration when we come from church, eat sumptuous meals, exchange presents, then we visit our friends and look out for the little cash which to us then was a whole lot of cash, we did many things this period also like playing with fire crackers,(bangers), the fire sprinkler(Bisco), the camp fire we set up to warm the breezy evening, then we sit beside it to tell stories and pray morning never comes.

Finally it’s the Christmas and we wake up early excited about our outfits, rush into the bath tubs and shower hurriedly in order to wear our costumes on time as everything we did was always a race, we get to church and we can hardly concentrate on the preaching as all we want is to show off our brand new stuffs, we rush out of the church without even bothering about the congregations impression about our behavior, all we care about is the fun of the day.

Then it dawns on us that school resumes in 1 week and we can hardly locate our books as our bags are scattered about in the room, we then recover from our euphoria as the day closes in on resumption, its time to get back to seriousness, to proper reading, it’s the period to sustain focus and to bring our mind to productivity, I was love the season of holiday, when all I do is play and play and our parents have to chase us all in =side to read and attend our holiday classes.

I don’t know how you enjoyed your childhood? But mine was very fantastic, I wish I could have it back for 1 week, I would re-write the script and make amends to enjoy better as now I know more ways to do that.

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