Looking through time, I realize it keeps ticking, many people don’t see things coming they take things as they see I, they do not take risks, no matter how big, they are scared of loosing, they cannot dare, they don t take initiative, they are not realistic, perception is real, it is not what is real that matters, it is how it’s perceived, you can create a big picture of what things would look like in the future, the fact that it has a good perception,

Create ideas on solid grounds, big structures are not drawn on rough sketches, you need to have a well laid plans to define your life, regardless of the fact that u don’t meet your target, just paint a plan and draw out the idea, magnificent buildings are not drawn on rough papers rather professionals design them, get laid out plans for the future. Brainstorm how and what you need for your life. I tell a story of 2 frogs that lost their accommodation, they wandered from one town to another in dire search of a conducive habitat, until suddenly they saw  a pool of water and then the small frog exhaled loudly, happy that they have found a habitat, just as it was ready to jump into the water, the big frog held it back, seeing what was happening, the small frog, looking furious asked why he said they have been looking for water and now they have found a home, the big frog looked at it and said yes this is a big water if we jump inside now how do we come out? Think about the repercussions of the actions you want to take, think of a backup plan, reality is as you get closer, everything becomes real. It is known that mud houses are synonymous with rough sketches, while magnificent building are gotten from thoroughly thought out plans, quality of your building defines quality of your planning

Preparation : the best preparation for tomorrow is a today well spent, the best thing you can do to get a good tomorrow, is to plan your today effectively make sure that today is well done, if you want to be a writer, prepare yourself, whatever you  think you want to do, spend time on it, preparation,  Be prepared always study, readers are leaders someone who cannot read and someone who would not read are the same, research about the wealthy, they spend greater part of their life reading, so develop your mind.

Relationships is one of the things that would take you farther in life, your network is your networth, you are as powerful as your network, today it is who you know, who knows you and what they know you for, cause on the day you might need recommendation you might need someone, I have meet so many people in my life and I am enjoying i

Nothing is this life is free everything has a price, there is always a period of time just stick with your dream, don’t settle for anything just because in your dreams. Don’t sell your dream for less, people settle for less because they don’t have a purpose for themselves, plan, and prepare, do not let go of your dream.

If I may ask, what is your greatest fear?  It is not that you are inadequate, but it is just that you are powerful beyond all measure, your darkness does not threaten you, rather your light intimidates you, the only limitations you have is you, until you remove the studs on your leg, you can never move, until you get tired of your situation, you would not progress.

Believe in you.


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One response to “BELIEVE IN YOU

  1. Vivian Akporode

    Beautiful work…I like the part where you say except you are tired of your situation you would not progress….

    Thanks for this post.

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