I am finally Settled into the cool evening as always, ready to rest the brain, it’s another Friday night and I had an opportunity to think through the events that went down during the week.

I would like to start by narrating my Monday experience, it is a routine in my office that Monday mornings are always the most interesting mornings, the schedule and duty line is drawn, fines are imposed and lateness is a crime that had a fine attached to it, undermining the fact that I woke up early enough, I rushed into the office about a few minutes after the deadline which earned me a N3,000 fine, I settled down and gave weekly report on my activities, it was a regular busy day, series of phone calls,  e-mail sessions, documents compilation and letter writing. I did all I could and got home wondering how the week would turn out.

Tuesday was another day and beforehand we had been informed that there would be a fashion show of best dressed staff, sub-consciously  I had a nice outfit in mind to wear, after working hours, we settled into the meeting and the contestants were called out and I thrilled the office with a small cat walk session,(just a small nerve loosening act),  after we were all done, I and Tola  came out winners and to my greatest surprise our gift was a lunch date with the chairman, but instead he gave us $100 which would be $50/$50, I and Tola agreed to buy lunch for everybody the next day, we closed and all went home, just another day.

Wednesday started well, had meetings with sweet sensations staff and also went to stop centre were we got a bizarre  negative answer, got to the office and tided up my mails, did a few replies, then we set out to change our $100 , I and Tola got out of the office and headed straight to the Bureau de change, we got to the first group of Hausa men, who are involved in the change thing, they told us N119 / $1 we bluntly received to go  there because we were thinking it was, we got to  another  office, but on getting there, we found out, it was the same story………………. Then finally we meet  a group of young money whom we thought we genuine, and their price was ridiculously high, my colleague who was therewith us jokingly told us to buy from a genuine source for guarantee, but we ignored, they actually sold for N127 / $1   woah we exclaimed, then we got down to transact and that was all I could remember , we were actually duped right in front of our noses, we got to a jewelry house that was when I found out that we had been duped, we got back to the office and told our tale, laughter filled the air, and I had to check if my organ was still in place, it was ridiculous when people say these  things really happen, I just wonder how, well I was a victim, and I felt  ashamed of me.

Thursday was my day as Chairman in the office, I got in early looking all cute in a cool black suit and pants, I got in early enough took charge  and did my thing, a had meetings with the staff of UBA plc where we discussed issues on banking relationship with NNC,I really impressed them and I’m proud of me. Also I had a meeting with an architectural firm on the future of the New Nigeria Club, my day was fulfilled . During the closing meeting when i was giving my achievements for the day, I received shouts and praises for a job well done, it was then obvious that I did well, and I was impressed  with myself. THAT WAS MY DAY!

Friday came and we did our regular office work , I had problems with my system and our IT consultant took a while to fix it, but well I worked,  we closed and I rushed home to watch the football Match between Nigeria and Mali, after they drew the match I coiled into my bed angry with the team, but I had to stay up so that I can draft this post, it’s about 1:30am Saturday, my eyes are drowsy, my yawn is so wide, my bones are begging to rest, so on that not I reminisce,……..WHAT A WEEK!!!!!!

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