Its 7pm Friday evening, it’s the birth of another weekend groove, another time to shake off  the heat off the week.  I’m on my desk now in a meeting where we are treating issues of today……. What issues you may ask?

Mobolaji Seriki……he was the topic of today. He was the chairman of the day, he was given the power to steer the ship today, what a privilege!

Events started exactly 6:55am when I woke up with the words of BJ running round my head, he directed us to report to the office before 8 am, and failure to do so would be met with a robust fine. I’m not ready for any FINE as I rather do something else with it.

I rushed into the bathroom, hurried had my bath, (I wonder if I took a clean bath) ,but I did pour water on myself, I couldn’t wait for a slice of bread, I wore my inner shirt inside out,………….. all for BJ.

I caught a bike around 7:45 and told the bike man to put a little speed , along the line a pulled a weird stunt…….. ohhhhhh I screamed……. All for BJ.

Then  I got to the office, paid the guy for his ride, I raced upstairs ignoring the lift because I didn’t know if my watch and clock was correct,  all for BJ      then…………….

…..it hit me like a big blow. B O O M!!!!!!!!     the chairman of the day BJ had not come.. once my heart frowned  for all I had been through this morning all for BJ.

I met only 3 people there, then  another staff came in and told us it would be wise to impeach the Chairman as he failed to lead by example. We all moved the motion and I drafted a letter to that effect, and had all the staff present sign it,

We had a tussle with the letter and the signatures when he gallantly strolled in laughing and giggling,

We served him the paper when he settled in, impeachment processes started, and immediately  he set up a MOCK committee to back him but he failed as he put his friend and those who had not come as members. Well we made things fun today and in the meeting we settled.

What would have happened  if the bike man threw me down?

What would have happened if  I broke my leg racing up the stairs?


But I would tell you all the events that went down today was damn HILARIOUS ………. Up BJ.



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2 responses to “HILARIOUS!

  1. akinyemiabiola

    “What would have happened if the bike man threw me down?

    What would have happened if I broke my leg racing up the stairs?”

    Ans: It would have been all because of BJ

    If only u had known that BJ would be such a weak leader you would have taken your time.

    But my guy look on the bright side.. you did rehearsal for monday & tuesday all because of BJ.

    Those two days will not be easy o

  2. mobolajiseriki

    Very Hilarious indeed,but seriously it was all in an effort to make everything work,my coming late was due to circumstances beyond my control.If i got you to do all thsi then i am thinking it could be a part of your life.

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