life is a gift that most people find difficult to enjoy,a opportunity difficult to maximize,i am so happy i was born into this world and most especially i am proud being born black and from NIGERIA. Being black has being my greatest joy as i can be classified along side people like Martin Luther king Jr, Mrs Okonjo-Iweala,Mr Koffi -Annan, Samuel peters, Haile gabreille salassie, Deolu Akinyemi,……i have enjoyed the same colour with people who have and who are still making their marks in the sand of time.

I made a new family few months ago,(Generis solutions family),and in a space of 2 months,i have gotten a new picture about my life, things i never believed i could do before, i now see as too cheap an assignment, i never believed i could talk to so many people and win them over for a good course, but now i can,

I have found out that my greatest fear is not that im inadequate, but that im powerful beyond all measures, my darkness does not scare me rather my life frightens me, most times i sit and think and i found out that those things i actually wanted to do but never did was because i always found a reason to discourage myself,a way to tell myself “don’t waste your time you can’t get it done in your life”.but i came to realization that its only when we take a bold step that we get things done …then i found consolation in the acronym of POOR which my mentor always says Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly. Never again would i let anything discourage me….its time to make my mark on the fresh plaster of cement…….IT IS TIME.

………………….give me a place to stand, and i would move the world, give me sand and cement and i would re mould the pyramid of Egypt. where i stand now is my ticket to stardom. About 3 weeks ago, we (New Nigeria Club) visited Boys remand home in Oregun and Modupe cole in Yaba , a community of people with physical disability, looking at them you would wonder what life actually is,when there are Governors looting Billions of Naira, ministers buying choice properties in high brow area in the United Kingdom, meanwhile there are a group of people who wait on the mercies of others to survive, who long to see people in their neighborhood, They don’t know what time it is, all they do is sleep, and wake up,.. we need to touch lives. we need to reach out to these people, they need help, I have vowed to always visit these ones every month regardless of how much i can give. If 30 people do this consistently every month for the next 10 years,we can change lives and impact on other people.

Start now, touch lives, help the less privileged, make a change, TAKE A STAND ……………DO IT NOW


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7 responses to “TAKE A STAND NOW

  1. josephekwu

    Have you guys checked me out? I’m waiting up, take your time

  2. emoreogho

    nice one man, Keep it up. Did you vote for CHris Okotie?

  3. mobolajiseriki

    well said ,i have definetely taken a stand,but when did you start comparing yourself with martin Luther jnr?…lol….just kidding.

  4. Beautiful write up! Do keep it up. I see greatness, it’s in you!

    All the best!

  5. Nice write up! i hope to be inspired anytime i visit this site.

  6. tola

    Its inspiring. Its good. Its challenging.

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