Ohhhhhhhh……………………… its 6 pm and i just took my first sigh from my busy schedule today, its been phone calls and e-mails since the beginning of today, but woah i enjoyed  every bit of it.

Join me as i reflect on the activities that went down today.  We had an interactive session with Mr Fowowe, a sex therapist, he gave us a tough time today revealing ourselves to one another, althiugh it was an all adult stuff, but actually most of the people there felt so shy to talk and express themselves, some even made up stories to paint a holier than thou picture,well its all good i had an opportunity to speak my mind and funny enough i held everybody jaws opens with all what i said, and i gained a lot from this  interaction and i knew that  most  of what we have gained would help us curtail  our children  during their growth period.

I made it clear that life is what you make of it, most people mix up the fact that you are accountable for all that happens to you, they watched me talk and made side comments in the shadows of chuckles, we all did things that most times we are proud of ourselves and other times we are so dissappointed, i have come to the cross roads at times and i have been made to take hard decisions within a short time, i remember in school when i got into the hands of cultists,the most dreaded people in the  university environment, it was actually because i wore a colour belonging to a particular group of people.

Well things got too bad and i was always on the run because i was made to pay  so much money and since i could not meet up i had to be on my heels, one day i was on my regular run when accidentally i ran into a cluster of their open arms, all of them wicked looking, red eyes, cigarette ooze,uncombed hair………… and they screamed  aloud..instantly i knew i was in for a long time with my audience……………………. the story continues, welcome on board.

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  1. isaac

    ekwu who teach u 2 write like this,abi u copy all this from somewhere,any way i like it. i love ur courage.

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